Paleo For Beginners 013: Carb-Flu – 2017

In this episode, I explain a little about carb-flu.

Paleo Diet For Beginners 2017

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  1. Thanks for sharing this Mark – like you, I found that changing my diet for what I hoped was going to be a better way of eating for my individual constitution and then experiencing negative effects was pants and really de-motivating! I had to do the opposite – go higher carb( after years of high fat) to shift my metabolism and help my thyroid. Boy was it big pants! I found that the only way was to be patient and a gradually taper my diet to introduce more below the ground veggies and ripe fruits. Tapering is much kinder on the body than a drastic sea change – may take a bit longer, but you’re much more likely to see it through and benefit the other side!

  2. For anyone wanting to go low-carb this is a great explanation! I’d describe myself as a moderate carber – and any shift of macronutrients will require some adaptation. Great video!

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