I’m Mark, the owner of Paleo Castle (king sounds a little desperate). I run this website with my partner, Emily.

Our Journey

Attempt number one of our health journey involved eating whatever we both liked at the weekend so that we would stick to our diet during the week. Gradually, Friday, and then Thursday, were also classed as “the weekend,” and instead of enjoying the occasional snack, we would use our “weekends” to cram as much junk food into our bodies as possible. Check out this shopping list that we made for one weekend:


So that was a pathetic attempt.

We did experiment after experiment after experiment until eventually we figured out the best and most natural way of living. It involved a lot of research and testing.

Eating healthily is not about suddenly eliminating everything from your diet, it’s not about having a cheat day, it’s not about waiting until the weekend to enjoy your food. It’s about making small changes into your every day life until they become long-term, real, enjoyable change.

And that’s why we started writing about our diet. There’s people everywhere trying desperately to shed weight on low-fat, whole-grain diets that don’t work. Or working-out to gain results that they could probably gain in a quarter of the time. One quality we realised we both had was relating to people. Using a combination of this, what we have learned and our experiments, we want to show you how to achieve your goals and stick to them in the long-term.

After our degree we stopped pursuing our respective careers in Law and Psychology, and set about doing what we were passionate about. Helping people to achieve the great health that we achieved.

About the Castle Quest


Neither of us are nutritionists and nor are we doctors or biologists. But we have stumbled upon an idea that goes against the grain and really works. From there, we started to figure out what sort of science could be trusted, and what was subject to misinterpretation. We have attended seminars, spent hours upon hours doing research, experimented, and spoke to some of the most influential people in the world of health. We have the means to spread the knowledge we have gained.

There are countless resources out there providing dietary advice, but none of them seem to be able to relate to people who are just starting out on their journey. We don’t just want to give you information, we want to help you use it. We understand how difficult it is to change your diet and lifestyle when you have so many other things going on.

The Castle Quest takes you step by step through your diet, lifestyle and exercise. We take it slowly (with the option to go at your own pace), cultivating the habits that are necessary for a long and healthy life. We use small challenges, images, and we stick to the essentials.

If you are looking for more generalised information or recipes, we have those here. You can also find our “snippets” – bite-size information posts that you can digest as easy as grass-fed meat.

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That’s all from us, enjoy exploring The Castle! Feel free to contact us at any time.

Mark & Emily

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