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I am a Certified Primal Health Coach with a BSc (hons) in Psychology. I own several online businesses with my main focus being on personal email coaching. Outside of work I lift weights, I sprint, I do yoga, I go on long hikes and adventures. I'm based in England but I spend a lot of time travelling with my partner Mark

Besides working and keeping fit, I have an obsession with online research and reading books. I have two extremely nerdy tattoos (one from Lord of the Rings, the other from Dragonball Z). I can eat A LOT of food for my size. And I'm currently on a new adventure in meditation and mindfulness. 

Welcome to my personal page! You can also find me on Instagram, Twitter & Facebook.

My focus and passion in life is to help people to reach their health and body goals through natural, Paleo foods and lifestyle habits.

Emily Paleo Castle Owner

What is The Paleo Diet?

Living a Paleo lifestyle refers to living in a way that's in-sync with our evolution. We attempt to live as closely as is practical to early humans living in the Paleolithic era (roughly 2.6 million years ago, to 10,000 years ago). We do this because during that time period, by far the longest time period in human history, we evolved to live in a certain way.

The Paleo diet is about eating natural foods that work with our biology, but living a Paleo lifestyle extends to all areas of our lives (how we exercise, how we sleep...). The Paleo diet requires that we avoid consuming grains (bread, wheat, pasta), sugar (sweets & chocolate), vegetable oils (rapeseed, canola, sunflower), and to a smaller extent, dairy. You can however eat lots of good natural fats, such as meat, fish, eggs, healthy oils, nuts & seeds (and also plenty of vegetables). 

There are 3 main points to remember:

Eat natural whole foods that enable us to thrive, rather than processed foods, sugars and grains.

Become a fat burner by reducing carbohydrate intake and upping natural fats.

Move frequently at a slow pace, get plenty of sun & sleep, and minimise stress.

Email Coaching

I have 3 plans available to suit your needs & goals: 4 weeks, 8 weeks, & 12 weeks.

If you need help deciding which one you personally need, or you're wondering if 1-on-1 coaching is for you, fill out the questionnaire at the bottom of this page and I will get back to you within 24 hours with advice based on your answers. 

Please note: my coaching plans are based on the Paleo diet. No previous knowledge of this is required as I will teach you everything that you need to know. You just need to be open to the principles that I am sharing. There are no shakes, no pills, and no magic remedies. Just pure, whole foods.

Coaching: What's Included?

  • There is no one size fits all. Each plan is specifically designed for you, based on your goals, your day-to-day lifestyle habits, your time schedule, and any obstacles that we may need to work around. 
  • We kick things off with an in-take questionnaire. This is included in the first email that you receive from me, once you have officially signed up for your package. This provides me with an in-depth overview of your situation, goals, and what your current diet looks like.
  • One main weekly check-in email/questionnaire. We review your week and make adjustments accordingly.
  • 24/7 email support - all of your questions and obstacles can be addressed in a timely manner. 
  • Easy upgrade.  If you want to continue the progress that we are making, I offer an easy way to upgrade so that we can continue to work together.
  • Free starting week. Before your paid weeks begin, we spend the first week (or however long it takes) personalising your program and getting you set up. 
  • You then have the freedom to choose your own start date. And then we begin! 

If you are ready, choose a package below. I cannot wait to join you on your journey. Once you have looked over the packages, scroll down to the bottom of this page and fill out the pre-enrollment questionnaire. 

4 Weeks

No saving.

Enrollment, planning, resources all inc. 


No credit card required.

8 Weeks

£24.99 saving

Enrollment, planning, resources all inc. 


No credit card required.

12 Weeks

£34.98 saving

Enrollment, planning, resources all inc. 


No credit card required.

Enrollment Questionnaire

Before we begin, I would like to commend you for reaching out to learn more about Primal Health Coaching with me. Wellness is something I am incredibly passionate about, and I look forward to learning about your health journey. In terms of coaching, I'd be happy to talk to you more about the different options. 

First, please answer the following questions to help me to learn a little more about you. These questions are used for informational purposes and will remain strictly confidential. Submitting your answers does not obligate you to sign up for coaching with me in any way. 

Please also let me know the name you like to be called if it is not your legal first name.

1 = Not so much and 5 = I am so ready!

Note: You can change this at any time.


Q. How do I pay?

A. I take payments through PayPal, to avoid anything going wrong. 

Q. Do you help to treat specific medical conditions?

A. No. As I'm not a doctor, I do not give advice regarding medical conditions. If you have a pre-existing medical condition, or are unsure of the health implications of taking me on as a coach, I urge you to consult your doctor first. 

Q. Every time I try to diet I fail. 

A. Most conventional dietary wisdom is deeply flawed. A lot of it will do far more harm than good. Often, diets focus on rapid weight loss at the expense of health. 

More often than not, these diets are unsustainable as they aren't working with the body in a natural way. By eating a diet high in natural fats, your body adjusts in to 'fat burning mode', which is it's natural state. Instead of having to eat exogenous carbohydrates for energy, your body simply accesses your fat stores.

This means weight loss (if you have weight to lose) and also boundless energy (we all have a lot of fat storage).

Q. How quickly can I expect results?

A. It depends on your goal, your current position, and many other things - so it's impossible to say. 

However - I know you don't want to hear that! It totally does depend, but you can usually notice something as early as a week. 

The most important transformation happens over the first 21 days. This is an approximate amount of time that it takes your body to adjust to burning fat for fuel, rather than carbohydrates - a fundamental switch that you should make for weight loss and for overall health. 

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