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Mark WhelanWhere would you like to go?
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Paleo Castle Comic 033 – Paleo Patisserie!

In honour of some really insane cakes that are being crafted here in Sydney. Check out @paleopatisserie on Instagram! They’ve blown me away. Check out more comics right here guys! << Comic 032

Mark WhelanPaleo Castle Comic 033 – Paleo Patisserie!
Barefoot running

Snippet: Why You Should Throw Away Your Shoes

You’re probably aware our ancestors didn’t wear shoes. The fact that we do causes us a lot of problems that we could probably avoid. By going barefoot more often, or by wearing ‘barefoot’ …

Mark WhelanSnippet: Why You Should Throw Away Your Shoes

Greetings from Sydney!

Hey there my Primal friends! As I mentioned in my last post, me and Emily have relocated to Sydney. As such, I’ve been a rubbish blogger – provididng no reviews, no recipes, no …

Mark WhelanGreetings from Sydney!

Conquering Other Countries

Hey there! As you may or may not have noticed, there’s been a little bit less content coming from us this January. Before you pick up your pitch forks and flaming torches and …

Mark WhelanConquering Other Countries
031 FI

Paleo Castle Comic 032 – Bean

Some people can’t appreciate true genius. Thanks for checking us out! Got any specials of your own that you bring out in a tight spot? Let me know below! << Comic 031

Mark WhelanPaleo Castle Comic 032 – Bean