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Mark WhelanWhere would you like to go?
Christmas Special FI

Paleo Castle Comic: Christmas Special!

Merry Christmas Everyone! Hover over the image below and click the arrows to cycle through. Thanks for reading reading guys! Have an awesome time over Christmas!

Mark WhelanPaleo Castle Comic: Christmas Special!
027 FI

Paleo Castle Comic 027 – Nose

Some people just like to be awkward. Thanks for checking us out again! If you like this comic, you can check more out here. Thanks for your support! Want some recipes? Head over …

Mark WhelanPaleo Castle Comic 027 – Nose
Eating out Paleo

Snippet: 5 Quick Paleo Eating Out Tips

Possibly the biggest stumbling block people face when transitioning to the Paleo diet. You’ve been invited out with friends, they’re all getting pizza; what to do? 1. Chicken kebabs – These are awesome …

Mark WhelanSnippet: 5 Quick Paleo Eating Out Tips
Paleo Castle Comic

Paleo Castle Comic 026 – Lemonade

Taking down the industrialized food industry, one seller at a time. Thanks for checking us out! Check out more comics right here. Do you feel the same passionate hatred for those damn lemonade …

Mark WhelanPaleo Castle Comic 026 – Lemonade
Stick to the Paleo diet

9 Steps: Start & Stick To The Paleo Diet

I’ve always been pretty good at getting back to it, but it’s only recently I feel like I’ve cracked the important bit – staying on the Paleo diet. I’m back on the Paleo …

Mark Whelan9 Steps: Start & Stick To The Paleo Diet